Back in the day...

The Story

My wife does her own wedding cake deliveries. About a year ago she called me crying and I thought she had been in an accident! She had to make a sudden stop while delivering a wedding cake and it fell over and was ruined!

This is a cake decorator’s worst nightmare. There is nothing you can do but apologize to the customer and give a refund. You can’t truly understand the heartache and embarrassment  unless it happens to you. It takes days to create some cakes and it can be ruined in minutes.

Our Beginnings

I determined on that day to figure out a way to never let this happen again. 

I began designing a wedding cake stand that would solve this problem with wedding cake deliveries. At first, my motivation was for my wife, but then I realized me that every cake decorator has the same problem.

Most cake decorators are so afraid of wedding cake deliveries that they have to go themselves or send a decorator to the reception to stack the cakes and do final decorations on site. This is very time consuming and harder to work with everyone looking over your shoulder and giving hints.

After many months and several prototypes we finally perfected our wedding cake stand and cake support system. It is versatile and can be assembled in most styles to give a cake decorator the ability to build it their way to give them more creative wedding cake presentations.

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