Cake Stackers™ cascading wedding cake stands are a versatile wedding cake support system.

Many designs are possible to create the perfect look you desire.

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Our patented unique wedding cake stand is designed to provide a single system that can be assembled in many styles.

Choose to assemble as:

  • tall tiered cake stand
  • traditional cake stand
  • stacked cake stand
  • offset cake stand
  • spiral cake stand
  • cupcake cake stand
  • cascading wedding cake stand

or use creative ideas and assemble your own unique wedding cake stand.

Guests will be amazed and wonder how they are not falling.

he Cake Stackers™ cascading cake stand disappears inside the wedding cake and gives the appearance of several cakes stacked straight on top of each other.

Focus guests’ attention on a beautifully decorated cake and not the wedding cake stand.

Cake Stackers™ is an aluminum and stainless wedding cake support system that will hold tall and heavy cakes and stack six feet high!

Cake Stackers will hold cake tiers from 3" to 6" high or double them for heights of up to 12" per tier.

Deliver wedding cakes fully assembled without worry of cakes drooping, falling, shifting, or sliding.

The Cake Stackers™ support system holds your cakes in place during transportation and delivery.

Turn it sideways and cakes won’t fall off!

Each cake is independently supported and held straight and level.

Each 3 to 6 inch cake tier is individually supported and carried safely by the Cake Stackers™ unique wedding cake stand.

Cake deliveries are very stressful with road bumps, bumps, stops, goes, turns, and thoughtless drivers and when you arrive at the venue the fun starts!

Carrying the cake through doors, stairs, elevators, dodging people, and the maze of tables and chairs.

Assembly is fast! You can stack this 5 tier wedding cake steps design in less than 5 minutes.

The cascading wedding cake stand comes apart in easy to handle sections and is completely dishwasher safe and reusable time and time again.

Never cut another dowel again or stack cakes at the wedding venue.

Cascading wedding cakes are beautiful but are more difficult because of the on site set up required, but no more!

Do all of your cake decorating at your shop, then just deliver,completely decorated.

Support your cakes, try the Cake Stackers™ cascading cake stand and decide for yourself!

Available Online Here!

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