The Cake Stackers™ wedding cupcake stand is just one of many design possibilities available using our cake support system. You will be ready for any request.

Own one cupcake stand system that will handle all sizes and designs.

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Our patented unique wedding cake support system is designed to provide a single wedding cake stand that can be assembled in many sizes, designs, heights and styles.

This will give you many cake stands for the cost of one.

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Cupcake wedding cakes are becoming more popular for several reasons.

There can be many flavors where every guest can have something they like and it can also be more affordable than traditional wedding cakes.

Because of the popularity of cupcake wedding cakes most cake decorators have to carry several different sizes of cupcake stands to accommodate the different order amounts.

Assemble as a cascading cupcake stand, wedding cupcake stand, tiered cupcake stand, spiral cupcake stand, or use your creative ideas and assemble your own unique cake stand.

Add the small 6 inch or 8 inch top plate for holding an anniversary cake. This system is as versatile as your imagination. You will be ready for any and ALL occasions, no matter the size of the party.

Get it here! Cupcake Stackers

CakeStackers has a new acryclic cupcake stand. It is sturdy, modular and gorgeous for all your parties.  Use it for cupcakes or appetizers or anything else you can imagine. 

The problem cake decorators face choosing cupcake cake stands is that every order is a different amount because of the number of servings requested.

So you need several different size cake stands to match the number of cupcakes.

Not any more! The Cake Stackers™ cupcake stand can assemble from 2 tiers up to 10 tiers and holds from 12 cupcakes up to 200 cupcakes!

Additionally, there are so many different designs and styles of cupcake stands that make it virtually impossible to meet every need.

The Cake Stackers™ metal cupcake stand is made using all aluminum and stainless parts.

Many bakers are faced with choosing just one or two cupcake stands and keeping cupcakes that won’t fit in the back to be served and not displayed or spending a fortune on buying different sizes and styles.

Each tier section is assembled to match the size you need.This allows you to build your cup cake stand the exact height you need to match your clients cupcake tree request.

Cake Stackers™ wedding cupcake support system can be assembled as large or small as your clients requirements.

Assemble as small as a base plate for 12 cupcakes with an anniversary cake topper or up to 5 feet high holding over 200 cupcakes!

In addition to being an adjustable cupcake stand CakeStackers™ is also a wedding cake support system with many design possibilities.

Assembly is fast! You can build a 10-tier cupcake stand in less than 5 minutes.

Disassembly is even faster and comes apart in easy to manage sections.

It’s dishwasher safe and can be reused over and over again.

Get creative and design your own cupcake stand! Assemble your wedding cupcake stand to make it uniquely yours and to match the style and personality of your client.

Keep your cupcake stands busy! Not waiting around for just a certain size order.

Support your cupcakes, try the Cake Stackers™ all metal wedding cupcake stand and decide for yourself!

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