Cake Stackers™ Safe
Wedding Cake Deliveries

My wife does her own wedding cake deliveries. About a year ago she called me crying and I thought she had been in a wreck! She told me where she was and I went to her right away! She had to make a sudden stop while delivering a wedding cake and it fell over and was ruined!

We knew this may happen one day and is a cake decorator’s worst nightmare because there is nothing you can do but apologize and give a refund. You can’t truly understand the anguish unless it happens to you. I mean you just can’t go make one in an hour because it takes days.

We switched cars and I took the wedding cake remains to the venue and handled the situation as professionally as possible. The people understood and we worked it out to their satisfaction.

I determined on that day to figure out a way to never let this happen to my wife again. She almost quit the wedding cake business because of this one experience.

Shortly after that day I began designing a wedding cake stand that would solve this problem with wedding cake deliveries. My first motivation was for my wife, but then it hit me that every cake decorator out there has the same problem.

Most cake decorators are so afraid of wedding cake deliveries that they have to go themselves or send a decorator to the reception to stack the cakes and do final decorations on site. This is very time consuming and harder to work with everyone looking over your shoulder and giving hints.

After many months and several prototypes we finally perfected the Cake Stackers™ wedding cake stand and cake support system. It is designed to be versatile and to be assembled in most styles to give a cake decorator the ability to build it their way to give them more creative wedding cake presentations.

A side benefit of the cake stand is that since each cake is sitting on a perfectly level surface, it gives the appearance that all cakes are straight and level, even if the individual cakes are not exactly level.

This product is so very needed in the cake decorating industry. Much worry and stress can be eliminated with the use of this product. I feel that we are blessed just to have it to use ourselves, however, we want to share it with the world at a reasonable price so all cake decorators can have it no matter how small they are or how few cakes they make.

Cake Stackers™ Benefits

1. Cake Stackers protects cakes for a stress free wedding cake delivery.
2. Cake Stackers makes cakes look level, even if they are not exactly level.
3. Cake Stackers is a versatile cake support system that can be assembled in many styles replacing the need for cake decorators to stock several different size and style wedding cake stands, just one!
4. Cake Stackers pays for itself because decorators now spend about $20 or so per cake on cake boards and dowels, which you don’t have to any more!
5. Cake Stackers uses pre cut cake boards that will save time cutting holes.
6. Cake Stackers has options like the spindle part that turns the stand into a cake turntable, or the pedestal option, and others to be even more useful.
7. Cake Stackers packs in a flat, pizza-like box for easy, cost effective shipping.

We thank you for your business and would love to have your feedback or comments about your wedding cake deliveries.

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